Super delicious meal from my very kind next door neighbors, Amy & David. I thought such a pretty plate deserved a photo...and after eating...I was glad I'd taken a picture - so the meal could be properly revered. It was SO good...

My very first weedeater! A thoughtful and useful gift from my Uncle Max & Aunt Brenda. Though it won't win any lawn of the week awards, my grass will at least be properly cut.
...and the weedeater is red!

A lovely housewarming gift from Dad & Maggie - one of my new favorite things.

"To the Chinese, frogs represent the lunar, yin principle. It was once believed that frogs came from the moon, hatching from eggs that fell from the sky with the dew, so their images were often used in rain ceremonies. Like all frogs, our little green friend symbolizes joy, luck, and transformation."

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