I Know He Can Dance...


(I don't know who should receive credit for this photo!)

A million years ago...or maybe 1999 and the years following...I met and worked with Stephen "Twitch" Boss through/in American All-Star (AAS) camps. I want to say I met him during his senior year when his high school team came to compete...but I could be wrong...(Michelle - did they go to Louisiana camps?). He did eventually join AAS staff though and worked the Alabama camps with us a couple of summers.

Before I continue...I have to say that Stephen is one of many very talented and wonderful people I had the gift of meeting and working with through AAS. ...Always a fun experience...always a ton of work...and always completely worth it. I worked university camps (University of Alabama - Roll Tide!, and Auburn) for 7 years...and am still on the call-in-case-of-colorguard-emergency list - which last landed me in Ohio. I learned so much through the [AAS] experience...and not all of it do to with instructing - though it certainly made me a more effective instructor. I also made a few very dear & life-long friends...Michelle (Thornton) is the first who comes to mind. (The chicken is good.) As usual, I digress. Stephen.

Stephen certainly moved on to bigger and better dance opportunities than Montgomery, AL had to offer... ...The Wade Robson Project, Star Search, and Hairspray...to name a few. Stephen (sorry...Twitch) auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance last year...and made it to Vegas; he narrowly missed the Top 20. He auditioned again this year...which aired this past Thursday night...and has made it directly through to Vegas again.

If he makes it through to the Top 20 this season....I'll begin wearing my "Vote for Stephen "Twitch" Boss" sandwich-board and ringing my bell on street corners throughout Augusta & North Augusta. In the mean time...this [post] is me...cheering him on...Top 20 or no!

...I'm also sifting through pictures...in search of some AAS gems; I'll post what I find :). Watch for him on So You Think You Can Dance (which will be on Wednesday and Thursday of next week...though that may be continued auditions)...and if you're curious/interested...there is a good bit on YouTube. Here's one example (though not the best quality):

Last thought... I notice Wade Robson isn't on list of choreographers for this season...:(. Mia Micheals is though!!!

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