Fender Bender

No "fender" was actually bent...but 'body-bender' or 'front-panel-bender' isn't how the saying goes. I hit my aunt's car Monday... I was leaving my grandparent's house; I had parked where I normally park, and was backing up the way I normally back up. My aunt parked her car in a place she does not normally park...and I forgot her car was there...just wasn't paying attention :/. There isn't a ton of damage, but she can't open her door. My insurance is covering everything and the car should be repaired by tomorrow; she has a rental car now - a 2008 Dodge Avenger. My cousins told me they wish I would "wreck into the Mustang more often". I'll get right on that. In the end...it's minor and could have been much worse. Still, I feel terrible that it happened...and hate the inconvenience for my aunt and her family. Sipsey (my car) doesn't have a scratch on her - at least...not from this incident (;. Thus far, the little green gecko is doing a bang-up job of handling the claim.

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