Idol Chat-Chit.

Jason Castro.... For better or worse, I watch American Idol. I usually have some favorites and enjoy the mindless entertainment each week. I haven't been as intrigued this season...especially since Michael Johns was viciously voted off far too early. It's down to a final 3...and I'm pulling for David Cook. I get that little-boy Archuleta has the pipes - I completely get it. Talented - absolutely. I'm sure he's a lovely boy of 17...and he'll have a fantastic career. He and Clay Aiken may even tour together. Who knows. David Cook has some edge though...some charisma....and is simply more seasoned. ...And in that vein of thought, I dig his flavor. My preference seems to go against the grain though - I also wanted Blake Lewis to win....though Jordin is lovely and I wasn't terribly disappointed with her win. I digress.

Jason Castro :). Is Jason the sharpest knife in the drawer? Certainly not. His pre-performance video packages are always a trip... He identified his biggest challenge as being..." Just the brain being dead". (I'm sure Idol execs ate his responses up with a spoon by the way....) I'm not a parent, but can understand that he may not be the "American Idol" most parents would wish their children to pattern themselves after. What I do love about him though...is that he's honest... The vibe I get is that he truly is a what-you-see...is what-you-get kind of person. And better, there *are* kids out there...who don't look and think like all of the other contestants (not to imply "they" are all the same) - but who can relate to David Castro. Somewhere...he's made some kid...feel a little more okay with himself for not always knowing what to say.

In the mean time, rather than remembering "Mr. Tambourine Man" for the legendary song it is...my mind will now immediately go to Jason spacing on the lyrics...and then to the movie Dangerous Minds. My apologies, Bob [Dylan].

In case you missed Jason live or one of the many replays...check it out... It happens about 19-20 seconds in...so you don't have to wait long. Incidentally...this isn't at all what I intended to write about. I keep watching the video though...and it makes me laugh... Not entirely at Jason's expense, because I certainly couldn't (and can't) do what he or any of them have done...but for the sake of a little comic relief. Grandmama is back in the hospital (had been released 4/28/08)...and his mishap has made this morning a bit more tolerable.

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