In an Instant.

Sad days.

I must have missed an issue or six of Polaroid Weekly...I had no idea Polaroid would soon be pulling it's instant film from store shelves! Looks like the announcement was made in February and they do indeed have a notice on their website; I imagine they'll experience a nice sales surge in the next couple of months. I, for one, am thankful for the advanced notice... I didn't find out about the near-extinction of the pineapple Lifesaver until it was almost too late.

I bought my first Polaroid camera at a garage sale in...Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I was 10 or 11... It was brown and white...and I couldn't afford film for it. I bought another a few years ago...I can't remember why I was on such a kick, but do remember shopping specifically and solely for a Polaroid Instant Camera. ...And I think I found it at a K-Mart. I never go to K-Mart.

I took the Polaroid tailgating with me in Tuscaloosa a few years ago and was relentlessly ridiculed by my friends for my retro camera choice. Again, I have no idea what got me started, but I was so excited about that camera (though I also took my digital camera). Oh...they made fun, but they loved it (;...and I trust that Daniel and Chris will cleverly remind me of it for years to come.

I'll have to figure out a way to say a proper goodbye...though, with eBay, I imagine the film will be accessible for...ever. I'll stash a few boxes though...that's something worth saving for the kids a couple of generations away. It won't matter that it's irrelevant, just that it's different (according to me).

Some people are sharing their Polaroid memories here.

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Anonymous said...

I know! Sucks huh? The same goes also for Record players (not turntables), Laserdic players and VCRs. I remember getting our first VCR. It was from a pawn shop and it was almost $500. It came with an actual CORDLESS remote control, which was fancy back in 1985. The remote had only 5, but very large buttons on it: PLAY, STOP, REWIND FAST FORWARD, and PAUSE. Awesome!