Update on Grandmama...

(This is what I gave her for Mother's Day this past Sunday...)

5.14.08 - Tuesday

  • Via CT scan, we learned of a bleed in her brain. The bleed walks, talks, and acts like a stroke...which explains...everything.

  • It was decided to discontinue her coumadin (difficult call) and give her fresh frozen plasma & vitamin K - to thicken her blood - in an effort to help stop the bleeding. She was put on the waiting list for the Stroke Unit, a second scan was performed, and a PIC line was inserted (to replace the IV sites).

  • She had a [bad] reaction to the plasma infusion - which was stopped immediately. As she was 3rd in line for the Stroke Unit - the doctor ordered a move to the Neuro ICU.

  • She was moved in last night...and reportedly rested well.

  • While we visited yesterday (before the move)....she slept. She was less sleep-talkative/restless than she had been the day before. She didn't want anything to eat...which is usually the case lately. The dietitian was planning to make some changes...such as sorbet-like milkshakes/Ensure...to provide *some* nourishment. We were there during the plasma infusion/reaction... It's amazing how quickly she changed...both when it was started, and then when it was stopped. Dad has been staying with her all-day, everyday this week... He is scheduled to leave Friday.

5.15.08 -Wednesday

  • The second scan indicates an aneurysm in addition to the bleed.

  • We are waiting on her to stabilize - so that a cath (contrast scan) can be performed...which will determine if either, both, or neither of the issues are operable.

  • Visiting hours are very limited (9:30-10am, 11:30-12pm, 1:30-2pm, 3:30-4pm. 5:30-6pm, 8:30-9pm); she can have two people in at a time... We're used to being able to be with her at all times; in fact, other than during the night...we don't leave her alone. ...Though I have to mention she's had phenomenal nurses...and we could have left her and known she was in more than capable hands and being watched closely.

  • Dad & Brenda were able to wake her a bit during the 11:30-12pm visit today... The nurses try to wake her perform stroke assessments often (yesterday - before the move - it was every 2 hours). She has trouble answering any of the questions...

  • We're all (obviously) taking turns...I'm on the books for 5:30pm today...

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elisa said...

I hope your visit at 5:30 went well...I'm sure it's hard to be given only limited time with her...will be praying that they'll move her SOON to the stroke unit...