Air-Conditioned Bliss

My sweet cousin...Bryan.

This is me SHOUTING from the rooftop!!!

Sipsey (my car) and I have been without air-conditioning for 3, maybe 4,
miserable summers.

In the last two years, attempts were made by a former mechanic in the family...which were (obviously) not successful. I appreciated the effort, and was told it would take about $2000 to fix it. Sipsey was born in 1997...it hasn't made sense to put that much cash toward something that doesn't directly affect her running...and I certainly haven't had an extra $2000. She has faithfully continued to run (she's been a great car)...and I (during the summers) have endured oppressive heat & humidity.

Alas, my sweet cousin - Bryan - FIXED my a/c yesterday!!! Embarrassingly, it was an easy fix...and thankfully, it didn't cost a thing. ...Which is absolutely crazy. If you know the former (well intentioned) mechanic I'm talking about though...you understand.

Bryan is a sweetheart by nature...he always has been. This is a fantastic favor/gift for me...and I can't thank him enough!!!

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