And So It Goes.

Grandmama & Kimmey; 4.14.07

Just wanted to update (primarily for the folks in 'Bama) - since I haven't in a few days...

For the sake of clarification, I did *not* go to see Grandmama Friday... Not to say anyone else noticed, but I thought it odd to write that I was sick with a cold/bug - and within the same blog - mention that I'd be going to see her later; I did spare her my germs.

I wrote last entry that she was reportedly better on Friday... Friday & Saturday were mediocre days; Sunday & yesterday were much worse. It's a combination of her actual health issues being exacerbated, and us struggling with what feels like a...deficit...in the quality of her care.

Not that it's meant for me to, but I'm well short of understanding the grand plan in all of this... All I can [concretely] see is that she is now suffering needlessly and that shatters my my heart daily.

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elisa said...

I am so sorry that you're having to go through this...I do know that it must be an incredible blessing for your grandparents to have you there for support. Keep up the good work!