So You Think You Can...6.25.08

Twitch and Kherington had hip-hop last night. It was solid. Still so proud of Stephen; fantastic blend of talent, hard work where he falls short, substance, and humor.

My favorite performance of the night was Chelsea & Mark...also hip-hop; lyrical hip-hop. (Napoleon and Tabitha choreographed both hip-hop pieces.) They completely killed this and made it positively palpable. Loved it. This is a perfect of example of how dance changes music for me. I love music, period. ...And Bleeding Love is a good song. After last night though, I hear it completely differently...and will never hear it again without seeing that choreography in my mind. Speaks volumes of the choreographers, as well as the performance. Someone else's interpretation/choreography would show up in a whole other way. This effect...and the way it affects me...is what makes music & dance/spinning so meaningful/powerful/significant/important (I can't think of the word I want!) in my world.

For what it's worth, I do vote for other couples...I just vote for Twitch MORE :). I'm sure that shallow strategy will require some adjustment as the season progresses. (If you're just joining me...Twitch is a friend of mine from camp-teaching-days in Alabama. He's fantastic and just a good guy; he really is.)

The bottom 3 this week...according to me...:).

  • Comfort & Chris
  • Jessica & Will
  • Chelsea & Thayne

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elisa said...

help me understand why they hang on to Comfort?????? I thought Chelsea's solo last night was great!