The Latest from Augusta...

Overall things are about the same... The best news is that the blood is continuing to recede off her brain...one spot is completely gone and the other is getting smaller and smaller.

Last week wasn't a good week and she had a rough time this weekend as well. Yesterday (Monday) and today though...are better days. Back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth again. We're entering the 9th consecutive week...by the way.

They are still working to bring her ammonia level down, regulate her heart (she is experiencing a lot of arrhythmia), and help her breathe more easily. She is receiving breathing treatments (nebulizer) and wearing a bi-pap mask a bit more. They are adjusting her heart meds to see what works best, and also trying to find the best fit possible for the food she receives through her tube. Someone who is diabetic and lactose-intolerant presents a bit of a challenge! She was able to participate in some physical therapy one day last week; she definitely does the best she can on her good days :).

She always has lots of company, but had some special visitors this weekend... Her former pastor and his wife came in....as did John, Nicole, and Elizabeth (who were down from NC). Grandmama really seemed to enjoy her time with them.

Granddaddy is doing well... He worked this past week and finally got his new choppers yesterday...he's been waiting weeks. They'll take some getting used to, but he's happy to be able to chew again :).

Hope all of the dads had a wonderful Dad's Day!

~ Grandmama with Reverend & Mrs. Prince ~

~ Grandmama with Elizabeth, John, and Nicole ~

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