A Round PEG in a Round Hole.

Today was an eventful day. Grandmama had a feeding tube (PEG) placed in her stomach. The impetus for this is/was the irritation, rawness, and soreness of her nose, throat, and mouth. The irritation is a result of constant oxygen, the NG tube, and the BiPAP. She's been unable to drink (even water) and aside from some ice chips when she is conscious enough to have them + a few mouth-swabs...you can imagine how uncomfortable her mouth must be. This was simply the next logical step - though one we had hoped wouldn't come into play.

It was a surgical procedure performed downstairs @ Select. She was put to sleep for it and all went well. She's been asleep since they finished up and has had some medicine for pain. Her throat will heal slowly and she will certainly be sore at the site of the incision.

When and if she is able, she can have food & drink by mouth with the PEG in place. She'll have it for a minimum of 6 weeks. She'll receive the same diet, but through the PEG rather than the NG tube (which I forgot to mention was removed once she was sedated!). She can also receive medicine through the PEG...or through her PIC line.

She had a follow-up CT scan yesterday...which showed only a speck of blood remaining (yay!). She is receiving breathing treatments regularly and [unhappily] wears the BiPAP at night. Her ammonia level continues to vascillate between 20 and 40...so...it is what it is. At the end of a worrisome day, I'm thankful for answered prayers & the successful outcome. ...And when she becomes aware of it...I know she'll be thrilled to have the NG tube out :).

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