True Story

So the show (according to me) was a little more...comfortable...last night. Not to imply anyone looks too comfortable, but it just didn't read quite as...chaotic...as it did last week. I'm sure they'll settle in a bit more.

There were a few performances I liked (I may post clips later), and I few I didn't feel at all. For now, I (of course) want to share what Twitch and Kherington did. If you know me, then you well know that the background and inspiration of the piece really spoke to me. Jean-Marc Généreux and his wife, France Mousseau, created this for their daughter - Francesca - who lives with Rett Syndrome. She loves to watch the show and is uplifted by the movement and dance...something she cannot do herself because of this neuro-developmental disorder - which largely affects her motor skills. Incidentally, all of the choreography (pieces) certainly have a story behind them...or a concept. This had a unique purpose though, much like Mia Michael's piece last year about her father who had recently passed (a contemporary piece performed by Neil & Lacey).

Even if the Viennese Waltz isn't your thing (it's not mine...or Twitch & Kherington's for that matter)...it's a very sweet & personal piece; they certainly did justice to the choreography. ...And ultimately, her parents and the dancers were able to give Francesca a special gift.

As an aside... Some say the choreographers are being self-indulgent by placing such personal stories on their dancers & writing. I say...you write what moves you.

Go here for information about the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

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