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As is often said...no news, is good news.

Since the PEG procedure, things have been relatively quiet. She was having a lot of pain/soreness from the surgery, but that has eased off now. Interestingly, she's been eating more by mouth since the removal of the NG tube and the insertion of the PEG...weird. Regardless, eating by mouth is a good thing...provided she eats and drinks enough to maintain adequate nutrition and hydration.

Her heart continues to be a bit...erratic; they continue to treat that by alternating nitro and digoxin. Her O2 level is acceptable and they are working to have her wear the BiPAP less...as not having to wear it would put her in a more "stable" category...and allow for a move/transfer. Though she is getting enough oxygen in, her exhalation leaves something to be desired and also leaves behind too much carbon dioxide. Other than a steady low-grade temp...those are the medical highlights.

She has had a couple of good days...which have allowed for some therapy and a couple of field trips :). One...to the solarium to look out of the window, and another...downstairs and outside for a few minutes (while in a cardiac bed/chair). On the not so good days, everyone works to keep her comfortable and somewhat oriented. Confusion is a constant.

The "next move" is certainly being discussed right now... I'll share more once the plans are in place. There isn't much to say right now anyway as she isn't yet stable enough to move...so we don't know the "when", and we also don't yet know the "where".

I always tell her when people ask about her...or when I hear from anyone, so feel free to leave a note...I promise to pass it along! I've changed my settings to allow comments from anyone (which means you don't have to register)...and I'll keep it that way unless I'm deluged by spam or other web trash.



Melinda Jane said...

keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, dear.
.melinda jane

Amanda Rose said...

Thanks, MJ. I love and miss you!

Elizabeth said...

I continue to pray for you and your grandmama. You have been so faithful in taking care of her! I miss you. You are so precious to me Amanda Meigs!
Love, Beth

Anonymous said...

she looks in good Spirits in this pic!
I think of her everyday, but I'm too slack in my calls and messages as I have a hectic life and am not the strongest in prioritizing things. it's a pathetic weakness...
I hope to be able to arrange another visit soon, but wish the Boy's could participate. I think it would be beneficial to her.
I can send pictures if you think that would be acceptable. we noticed she had nopictures, cards, flowers, etc. in the Room when we were there!?>
thanks so much for all of your time and effort with Updates.
Nicole Mealing and Family

Amanda Rose said...

Beth...miss you much and hope to see you SOON. Thanks for the prayers. Love. Love. Love.

Nic & fam'...so nice to see your comment :). Hope you had a nice vacay...and hope y'all are able to make it back here soon as well. You are more than welcome to send pictures! I take some in with me and we go over names and such with her, but haven't really home-i-fied the place...you're right. She's been moved so much and is about to move again. I'm working a little mobile photo set-up. (Mobile as in movable...not something to hang from the ceiling...ha ha.) I'd love to add whatever you have though; I get most of what I have from what is posted online :). Take care...love y'all.