We are entering into (according to Granddaddy) our seventh week of this hospital stay. All this time...and all we needed...was a cute male nurse.

I came in to a doe-eyed Grandmother last night... She told me that John Quartermaine from General Hospital had given her her bath. She said he "wasn't bashful one bit...and was *so* good-lookin".

The nurse, Jeremy, came in and introduced himself to me... Grandmama waved her fingers and batted her eyelashes like the pro that she is...seasoned, yet sweet. It all fell into place for me then...and I told Jeremy I had heard quite a bit about him. He had come in to say goodnight to Grandmama...and let her know the "new" nurse (who she would have for the next 12 hours) would be in to see her soon. Grandmama was disappointed when she learned she'd be getting a girl for the evening. Now that I think about it, I can only remember two other male nurses we've had this time around...clearly, neither struck her fancy.

After Jeremy left, I told Grandmama that I was surprised she introduced me as her granddaughter, rather than her single granddaughter (she's usually trying to hook me up). She clarified that this time, she was keeping him for herself.

We later learned that Jeremy doesn't usually work the 2nd floor, but he was supposed to be back up today. Then too, Granddaddy is off work for the remainder of the week...and planned to spend the day with her today. She may have to juggle a bit...

No medical changes yesterday, but she was certainly the happiest she's been in awhile. If that's all it takes...I'll have to see what I can do to make it happen more often :).

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