So this is the new place... Select Specialty Hospital.

I took pictures because it's such an aesthetically pleasing facility.
There's nothing specifically spectacular...it's just the overall effect
versus a more harsh hospital setting. I will say though - that I vibed better off of University [Hospital]...something isn't sitting quite right with Select. I'm hoping my misgivings will dissipate as we see/experience the facility in the light of a new and full week. She was transferred on Thursday...and things seem to relax toward, and certainly on, the weekends.

There isn't a lot to report medically... There were a few misunderstandings - which have now been clarified; one to do with insulin, one with pain meds, and the other with aspirin & coumadin. We're all on the same page now and have a slightly better understanding of her treatment plan. I don't like that though facility is so much smaller (read: intimate), some information seems less accessible than it was in the hustle & bustle of University.

Her neurologist is supposed to be in to see her today... She's being treated by occupational, physical, and speech therapists as well.

Her mental state ebbs and flows...though her best moments are no longer their best either. Friday, we had some of the best (apparently the word of the day) conversation we've had in weeks. There were a good 20-30 minutes where she was even able to talk about how frustrating it is/was for her to be so confused. We haven't been back to that place since, but it's really something to know she's "in there"...and I think on her side, it had to be good to be
voice that...it was almost like she was jumping and down...waving her arms...saying: Here I am! Can you see me?! I'm still here!!!

I took some pictures of family in to her on Sunday...just what I had on hand. She was able to name some of photos...they were all either her children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren. I think I'm going to put together a basic album and start looking at that with her each day.

Hope everyone is well...


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