A little sussy I picked up for Addison... I have yet to buy her a proper welcome-to-the-world gift...and in the mean time, I found this a bit hard to resist.

I am notoriously ignorant about most-things-baby...specifically: sizes. I once called Kristin to be sure a "triple T" was the appropriate size for her nephew or whomever I was buying for. It turns out "3T" does not mean "triple T" or "TTT". Who knew.

I settled on the 12 month option as the "size" for this purchase. I didn't think it'd be funny until she was a bit older; it's all in the delivery (pun intended). I can't decide how I feel about the age = size concept, but apparently it's working for that crowd. I just have so many friends with tots these days...it's hard to remember how old everyone is - and therefore - what size they wear. It would be helpful if they could post their collective info in a chart somewhere for easy reference. Realistically though, I don't buy that many baby clothes so this really isn't an issue...as much as a general quandary when the issue does arise.

At any rate... I mailed this yesterday, along with a note to Addison. I don't think Tiff or Chris tune in to my electronic scribblings, so there's no risk of spoiling the surprise.

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elisa said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That shirt is hilarious! Good job Aunt Manda!